How-To: Korean BBQ Lettuce Wraps – Ssam

Wraps are like little bundles of everything that is good in the world. It’s like wrapping your favorite things in edible wrapping paper. They’re so easy to make and you can find them all over the world in different shapes and sizes – Vietnamese spring rolls, Chinese egg rolls, Californian burritos, In-N-Out’s protein style buns… the list goes on.

Today’s superstar? Korean BBQ wraps. Think of them as Korean style tacos. You can really get creative with these. You can use rice paper sheets as wraps, our thinly sliced daikon radish wraps, or lettuce. You could even use tortillas if you want to. Anything, really. We’re going to show you our favorite way to make KBBQ wraps. And the best part is everything you need can be ordered on our website.


Korean BBQ Lettuce Wraps (Ssam)
Recipe serves about 4 people

o Whole lettuce leaves
o Rice paper wraps
o Daikon radish paper wraps
You can use any meat you want for your wraps, but pork belly (samgyubsal) is the most popular for ssam.
o Porkbelly (samgyubsal)
– Side Dishes (banchan)
Banchan are Korean sides traditionally served alongside each meal. Fermented sides are usually used in wraps to add a slight tangy kick. Kind of like pickles in hamburgers and sandwiches or olives in salads.
o Kimchee
o Shredded radish (saengchae)
o Pickles
You can choose your favorite veggies. We used the following
o 1 onion, sliced
o 1 bell pepper, sliced
o 1 zucchini, sliced
o 3 oz mushrooms, sliced
o 7 cloves of garlic, sliced
o 1-2 jalapenos, sliced
Use any sauce you want like hot sauce, soy sauce, etc. We used a Korean bean paste in our video.
o Korean bean paste (ssamjang)
We recommend using the portable grill available for purchase here.
– Tongs
– Scissors
– Oil your grill to prevent excessive sticking. Remember to always read the manual of any grill you use. Preheat the grill on medium-high heat.
– What’s your choice of wrap? Take whatever you want to use as your wrap and put them on your plate. We like using a whole leaf of lettuce and then stacking a layer or rice paper and radish paper on top.
– With the grill on medium-high heat, lay some pork belly strips flat on the grill and grill until slightly crispy on each side.
– Once the pork belly is a bit crispy on each side and thoroughly cooked, cut them in to bite sized pieces with some scissors. Cutting enables you to see the inside of the meat, which will help you determine whether it’s fully cooked.
– Grill some of your favorite veggies and herbs. If you like them softer and well cooked, start cooking them before the meat.
– Dip your meat in your choice of sauce (we used ssamjang) and start stacking whatever veggies/spices/herbs you want in the wrap. Add a piece of banchan to the wrap. We used pickled onion in our video, but kimchee or shredded radish are usually used.
– Wrap everything up with the lettuce leaf.
– Open wide. Enjoy!

Watch our video for the visual step by step process of building your own ssam. But don’t let it limit your ability to create your own epic ssam! Get creative! We’d love to see your ssam creations!

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